Subject Re: GPRE/API Different with FB 1.5?
Author Eric Boyajian

> I'm looking now at Firebird's SourceForge area
> projects/firebird), in particular the Bugs list for stable builds
> I don't get
any hits for
> 'detach' or 'disconnect' that look like our problem. Some bugs in
> field-test issue tracker (
> tracker/?atid=593943&group_id=9028&func=browse) may fit (ID 837925
> You may want to look.

It seems to me that there are two (related?) problems with the FB 1.5
implementation of the ESQL API.

1. The isc_embed_dsql_prepare() function is not working properly, at
least on Windows. Have you verified with my test program that, on
Linux, this function is causing the subsequent isc_status() to return
a value of -901 instead of the expected 0? I don't have a Linux box
with which to do testing.

2. The isc_detach_database() causes a segmentation fault on both
Windows and Linux.