Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GPRE/API Different with FB 1.5?
Author Thad Humphries

Ah, quite interesting. Linux and Windows failing at what sounds to be the
same point.

It seems there is a fatal bug with disconnnecting from the database,
regardless of what version of GPRE was used. Since my last message I tried a
more complete run of an application compiled with FB 1.0.3 against FB 1.5.
The application behaved well in queries with both fixed SQL and dyanmic SQL.
It was also able to create new records. However, it too died at 'EXEC SQL
DISCONNECT <my_db>;'. Looks like I'm going to have to roll back to 1.0.3

I'm looking now at Firebird's SourceForge area (
projects/firebird), in particular the Bugs list for stable builds (http:// I don't get any hits for
'detach' or 'disconnect' that look like our problem. Some bugs in the
field-test issue tracker (
tracker/?atid=593943&group_id=9028&func=browse) may fit (ID 837925 maybe?).
You may want to look.

I intend to notify some one about this today. If I don't see where to post
it, I will email firebirds@... and hope for the best.

God bless,

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 17:55, Eric Boyajian wrote:
> --- In, Thad Humphries <thad@m...>
> wrote:
> > I can compile with FB 1.5 gpre but the applications crash!
> >
> > I just installed FB 1.5 and was able to access my old db and to
> > recompile
> > about 35K lines of embedded SQL, including my UDFs. This is on
> > SuSE Linux 9.0.
> Interesting. On Windows, the isc_detach_database() causes an
> exception (caught by KERNEL32.DLL) also. I hadn't noticed this
> before, because I was simply killing the test program in the debugger
> after the isc_embed_dsql_prepare() returned its unexpected value.
> Eric