Subject Re: IBO v FIBPlus
Author romb2fibplus
--- In, "Peter" <peter@d...> wrote:
> I am about to convert an existing Firebird project from BDE to
direct connection. I was already to look at using IBO but have just
read the 2003 awards and Bill Todds review of FIBPlus. Both tools look
very good and I'd be interested in any comments or feedback
(positives and negitives) on users experiences with these two tools.
> Thanks in Advance
> Peter
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Well, I can not tell you that IBO was the subject of my much study,
but I looked at it and also tried to get some additional information
around it. We also needed to port our old BDE project, because of
performance problems, etc. Different people advised me different
engines, and I see that both products, IBO and FIBPlus enable you to
get well-designed application with great performance. That's why I
tried to take into account other things, except the technologies.
I have discovered that number of messages in IBO support group becomes
less and less. In contrast to it, FIBPlus newsgroups have more
messages from day to day. Devrace publishes 2-3 new versions during a
year, and Jason does not. It means that when you purchase FIBPlus you
get those 2-3 versions free of charge, because Devrace's upgrade
policy enables you to get all new versions and updates for free during
a year after purchasing. That was exciting and important, because new
versions include bug-fixes and feature improvements.
And you know yourself about 2003 Awards. It is clear for me that
FIBPlus is growing before our eyes. That is that IBO had in days of old.
So, we have purchased FIBPlus and I can assure you that we do not pity
about it :).