Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Jonathan Neve
Milan Babuskov a écrit :

>I use ssh for remote administration. I open ssh session (console) with
>the server, start isql and just copy/paste SQL and read the results.
Interesting. However, isn't this sort of thing somewhat more tedious
than just connecting directly?

>>Wouldn't it be possible to make a simple protocol, that could simply
>>receive a script from a remote connection, execute it locally, and
>>return the error code, if any? This would avoid wasting time
>>establishing a remote connection directly (which is rather slow),
>>preparing each statement individually (which is _extremely_ slow), and
>>then executing each one individually. Instead, all these things could be
>>done locally on the remote machine, and then we could just send back the
>>result. I don't suppose anyone knows of such a thing, do you?
>Of course we know about it. It's called 3-tier architecture. ;)
>If you need such thing for database administration, take a look at
>ibWebAdmin. It might be a perfect solution for you. All database
>communication is local, and you send commands and get the results via
>HTTP which is very light comparing to Firebird protocol. Plus, it works
>on both Linux and Windows.
Thanks a lot! This looks quite good. Do you have an URL?


Jonathan Neve.