Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Milan Babuskov
Jonathan Neve wrote:
> Yes, I have the same sort of results (although usually not quite so
> bad). The really anoying thing, is when you execute a script : I've had
> scripts take up over 15 minutes to execute over a slow connection! And
> yet, if I had saved the script to a file, compressed it, sent it by FTP,
> and execute it with isql on the remote server, it could have taken less
> than one minute. But since this isn't as practical, I usually use
> IBConsole...

I use ssh for remote administration. I open ssh session (console) with
the server, start isql and just copy/paste SQL and read the results.

> Wouldn't it be possible to make a simple protocol, that could simply
> receive a script from a remote connection, execute it locally, and
> return the error code, if any? This would avoid wasting time
> establishing a remote connection directly (which is rather slow),
> preparing each statement individually (which is _extremely_ slow), and
> then executing each one individually. Instead, all these things could be
> done locally on the remote machine, and then we could just send back the
> result. I don't suppose anyone knows of such a thing, do you?

Of course we know about it. It's called 3-tier architecture. ;)

If you need such thing for database administration, take a look at
ibWebAdmin. It might be a perfect solution for you. All database
communication is local, and you send commands and get the results via
HTTP which is very light comparing to Firebird protocol. Plus, it works
on both Linux and Windows.

Milan Babuskov