Subject Re: [firebird-support] Still having lockups / gds32.dll waiting for object
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Tuesday 02 March 2004 09:57, Rohit Gupta wrote:


> >Well, it probably is your coding <g> I have used FB (and IB) for years,
> > and the only time I have had these errors are when I
> >
> >- Use 2 or more connections with the Local protocol
> >- Access the same connection via two or more threads
> Strange that neither is the case with our app and a host of people are
> getting this error.

Yours and the other poster brought it up about the same time are the only
recent occurances of this issue, I must have missed the 'host' of people that
are also having this problem.

> It also strange that it can be reproduced in a
> smallish app.

Is/can that app be posted somewhere for people to look at?

> And I must be strange too because I would welcome it to be my fault,
> then I could have fixed it 18 months ago. Instead I have been trying to
> convince others and relying on them to do something about it.

Posting a reproducable sample will help in either case

> Just maybe you dont have a problem because you have a rather simplish
> application. :-)

Our largest handles about 18,000 clients and has approx 800/900 threads
concurrently accessing a FB server, and the only locking problems have been
in our code during development.

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