Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running modification scripts in FB1.5 security.fdb
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: "Alan McDonald"
> That's true - somewhere along the line you need to put the sysdba password
> in your code - I encrypt it into my exe and at runtime I decrypt it to use
> it. That way, at least noone can see the password and it's very hard to work
> out how I've encrypted it since the boundary of the passsword is hard to see
> in the exe binary.

Hmmm, such sensible passwords as SYSDBA's shoud be changed from time to time,
how do you solve it if it is hardcoded in application ?
How would you solve situation when users have other applications
using Firebird, that also expect their own hardcoded sysdba passwords ?
Also, it is not much safe if application used by ordinary users use SYSDBA's
account/password - they do not have to dig it out from exe, all they need
is network packed sniffer.