Subject RE: [firebird-support] Running modification scripts in FB1.5 security.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
> > That's true - somewhere along the line you need to put the
> > sysdba password in your code - I encrypt it into my exe and
> > at runtime I decrypt it to use it. That way, at least noone
> > can see the password and it's very hard to work out how I've
> > encrypted it since the boundary of the passsword is hard to
> > see in the exe binary.
> > Otherwise you only have to use the very nice little
> > components in teh IBO contributed section for editing/adding
> > etc. (or build your own) Alan
> >
> And how do you know the SYSDBA password??? What happens to your app if
> some other application uses also FB and/or SYSDBA decides to chang he's
> password?
> Riho Ellermaa

I'm the SYSDBA for all my apps fortunately - If I am forced to change it (or
desire to) then it will also force me to update my apps and until that time
local users/admins are warned by the app that they no longer have the ablity
to change passwords. I time updates with password changes. I don't let other
apps run on my servers - hardware is too cheap - they have to go get another
box. I'm lucky maybe.