Subject RE: [firebird-support] Running modification scripts in FB1.5 security.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
> How do you do it? I thought that only SYSDBA has read-write access to
> Riho Ellermaa
> > Sorry - I'm still not with it - Why don't your uses change
> > their own passwords?
> > My apps provide for an admin of the app to add/delete users
> > and reset passwords. Each individual user can modify their
> > own password only. Why is there a need to drop tables?
> >
> > Alan
> >

That's true - somewhere along the line you need to put the sysdba password
in your code - I encrypt it into my exe and at runtime I decrypt it to use
it. That way, at least noone can see the password and it's very hard to work
out how I've encrypted it since the boundary of the passsword is hard to see
in the exe binary.
Otherwise you only have to use the very nice little components in teh IBO
contributed section for editing/adding etc. (or build your own)