Subject RE: [firebird-support] Running modification scripts in FB1.5 security.fdb
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
> > Hi!
> >
> > My application relies in modification of the security file (ISC4),
> > using Ivan Prenosil scripts.
> > This enables my users to modify their passwords.
> but below, you say manual changes is not an option

I check the security file at the start of my application. If necessary I
run the modification script (copies USERS table to USERS2, drops USERS
and creates view USERS, etc.).
automatically from my program. Users don't even have to know that
something happened.

> What method(s) are yo using to change the users passwords?
> You drop the whole table and re-install another which you have edited?
> I doubt that this new feature will be re-introduced when it
> was secuity driven in teh first place. But it appears that we
> need to suggest anotehr way for you to edit your users
> passwords rather than the way you are doing it.
> What method of connection to the database do you have?
> e.g. PHP has the ability to change user passwords, gee wiz..
> gsec scripts can do it too. IBO has some good contributed
> code for managing users
> Alan

I don't edit users passwords. SYSDBA can manage users without problems,
but normaly users are not allowed to change their own login passwords.