Subject RE: [firebird-support] Running modification scripts in FB1.5 security.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi!
> My application relies in modification of the security file (ISC4), using
> Ivan Prenosil scripts.
> This enables my users to modify their passwords.

but below, you say manual changes is not an option

> Recently I started to receive complaints from users who have installed
> Firebird 1.5. It appears that FB 1.5 handles security.fdb file
> differently and I can't drop USERS table anymore. I contacted I.Prenosil
> and he confirmed that this is the new FB 1.5 behaviour.
> Now I have the question: What would be the most easiest solution to
> enable my customers to edit their passwords? The option to do it
> manually in their site is not good.
> Could it be added to FB 2 as a new feature, thus removing the need to
> modify the security database?
> Riho Ellermaa

What method(s) are yo using to change the users passwords? You drop the
whole table and re-install another which you have edited?
I doubt that this new feature will be re-introduced when it was secuity
driven in teh first place. But it appears that we need to suggest anotehr
way for you to edit your users passwords rather than the way you are doing
What method of connection to the database do you have?
e.g. PHP has the ability to change user passwords, gee wiz.. gsec scripts
can do it too. IBO has some good contributed code for managing users