Subject Re: Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Milan Babuskov <albis@e...>
> Jonathan Neve wrote:
> >>Sends a little, and waits for response. Not very good for satelite
> >
> > Is there any way of changing this (somewhat), or any parameter to
> > it better? I saw a parameter in firebird.conf regarding the buffer
> > for communication. Would this help?
> I don't think it would improve it enough to be very usable. But I
> tried it myself. Perhaps someone else can answer?

On such a connections 3-tier applications are very convenient.
In C/S application we can make fetchall after open for queries which
returns constant result for duration of the seans (just like this
makes TClientDataSet by default). But some client-side components (IBX
for examlpe) create heavy traffic from short packets on prepare which
even can be more than returned data. Middleware localizes this traffic
in LAN. But I must say much is dependent on application - I know
examples when C/S applications satisfactorily works on 56Kbytes line.

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