Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Jonathan Neve
Milan Babuskov a écrit :

>Jonathan Neve wrote:
>>We are about to get a satellite connexion here (because we can't get
>>ADSL). I just have one concern : satellite connexions involve a slight
>>delay when establishing the connection, but once it's established, it
>>can go very fast (2MB / 512 KB). Therefore, it's perfectly suitable for
>>transferring files, or other such operations that basically constitute a
>>continuous stream of data. However, the performance is (apparantly) not
>>terrific for such things as web surfing, because of this initial delay.
>>So my question is, how does FireBird work? Does it send a little bit of
>>data, and then wait to get a response before sending more, or does it
>>send big chunks of data?
>Sends a little, and waits for response. Not very good for satelite link.
Is there any way of changing this (somewhat), or any parameter to make
it better? I saw a parameter in firebird.conf regarding the buffer size
for communication. Would this help?

>What kind of application would you use?
Ordinary 2-tier client/server.

>If you use 3-tier app, you can do all communication with Firebird on
>server side, and let the client have all data in a single (one-way) batch.
I've never done this. I guess I might do that sort of thing one day, if
necessary. However, this is not for a customer, but for ourselves,
therefore it's not that big a deal :-). Besides, even our current 128
kbps internet line is good enough for our needs with IB. We're not
moving to satellite primarily for use with IB (thankfully). So this
question is mainly so that I'll know for the future, as some of our
customers might very well switch to satellite (many are in the
country-side, where ADSL connections are still unavailable!).


Jonathan Neve.