Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Milan Babuskov
Jonathan Neve wrote:
> We are about to get a satellite connexion here (because we can't get
> ADSL). I just have one concern : satellite connexions involve a slight
> delay when establishing the connection, but once it's established, it
> can go very fast (2MB / 512 KB). Therefore, it's perfectly suitable for
> transferring files, or other such operations that basically constitute a
> continuous stream of data. However, the performance is (apparantly) not
> terrific for such things as web surfing, because of this initial delay.
> So my question is, how does FireBird work? Does it send a little bit of
> data, and then wait to get a response before sending more, or does it
> send big chunks of data?

Sends a little, and waits for response. Not very good for satelite link.

What kind of application would you use?

If you use 3-tier app, you can do all communication with Firebird on
server side, and let the client have all data in a single (one-way) batch.

Milan Babuskov