Subject IBClientError
Author Marek Konitz
Hi all,

I'm using FB 1.5 with IBX. I have no serious problems with that as long
there is a connection to the database. Once it's broken, the application
hangs up. I tried to try..catch the error, I cought it, but still can't
do anything with that.

I've tested simple application with one IBQuery:
After opening IBQuery I shutdowned the Firebird service than I tried to
close the IBQuery.
There was an EIBClientError followed by Acces Violation. Connected
property of IBDatabase remained true and there was no possibility to
close previously opened TIBQuery. Furthermore, I couldn't close the
application - it showed access violation in the form destructor - the
only way was to use task manager.

Does anyone know how to write application with IBX wich can reconnect on
lost connection, or at least safely close?