Subject Re: A good reason to switch to firebird
Author diwic2
Btw, I could explain this a bit further.

The non-paged pool leak is (AFAIK) a windows only thing. IB
eats kernel memory sometimes. Windows kernel memory is either paged or

The diagram shows how much non-paged kernel memory that is allocated.

// David

--- In, Rajesh Punjabi <rajesh@i...>
> Hi David,
> Went thru your file. Very interesting. I am using RH 8 and FB 1.0.3
> seem to experience the memory leak thing a lot, particularly since
my db
> file has shot past 500MB and is now nearing the 800 MB mark.
> How do I make out if FB is in non-paged or paged mode. Is it an OS
> setting. If so how can I switch between the two. Excuse me if I
sound a
> little silly. But I have not been able to figure this one out at
> Would appreciate if you can share how you arrived at this graph and
> were your settings (including db size, etc. parameters) ?