Subject firebird 1.5.1 firebird.log problem
Author Pawel Swierzko
Hi folks,
After nearly year of comfort work with FB 1.5.rc8 over redhat
I have decided to upgrade to 1.5.1
and now I have twice observed the following situation:
1. the servers starts to respond slowly to request
2. I check on system monitor and can see CPU usage of 100%
3. file firebird.log full of the following:

dbserver (Server) Fri Dec 3 14:02:36 2004
Super Server/main: Bad client socket, send() resulted in SIGPIPE, caught by server
client exited improperly or crashed ????

dbserver (Server) Fri Dec 3 14:02:36 2004
INET/inet_error: send errno = 32
4. Size of the file after about an hour from start of the problem was over 4,5 GB

Is it a bug of fb 1.5.1 or there is any error in config. ?
How to solve this problem:
Any suggestion is welcome.


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