Subject IBOConsole running Stored Procedure Niggle
Author Lester Caine
I am getting adventurous, and have created a stored procedure to update
a table which originally calculated periods in minutes to use seconds
instead. Since the original timestamps are also stored, the conversion
is easy, but needs to remember time from previous record, and a simple
update would not handle it.

The Stored Procedure works fine (Run in IB_SQL), but has no inputs or
returns, and when I run it in the IBOConsole I'm getting a
'BindingCursor' error after the procedure has run. The data has updated,
but I can't run the rest of the update script.

The quick bodge is just to split the script and ignore the error, but
has anybody else seen the problem or is it just the way I am doing things?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services