Subject Unable to use gbak on XP (FB 1.5)
Author Raymond Kennington
With Interbase 1.56 I have never had a problem running gbak. Now I have
spent a long time trying many variations of parameters and have read
many list messages and pages on the internet. I've checked FAQs, and
technical specifications, starting documents and manuals.

I am running XP1.1 and Firebird 1.5.

IBExpert's backup menu command uses GBAK and it works perfectly well.

Error messages include:
can't find file
I/O error for file "SYSDBA"

username and password are not defined.

[in the next case I had copied gbak.exe to d:\temp, which is where
cms.gdb resides.]

I/O error for file "cms.gdb"
cannot find the file specified

A batch file for backing up the Interbase 5 version of cms5.gdb works
fine on an NT 4.0 w/s running Interbase but does not run on the XP1.1
m/c running Firebird 1.5.

How is this made to work?

Raymond Kennington