Subject Server for Firebird 1.5.1
Author Planles

I've searched archive about which linux is better for firebird, and found a
lot of different version, which should work without problems.

Let me ask the same question in different way:
is there any known linux distribution, we should stay away from ?

And I would like to know, if somebody has any expirience in small network
enviroment, let say 2-3 users.
I'm thinking about setting 3 PC's all with winxp pro, set a "server" on one
of then, and set another two as client. One user will work on the "server"
just the same was as another two.

Should I avoid that kind of configuration or should it work without problems
How do you generaly set up the network for, let say, <5 user ?

Thanks for all recomendations.