Subject default values for fields when appending record
Author rick_roen
Delphi 7, FB 1.5

Using TIBDataSet component

I have a form used for editing/inserting new customers.

When the user wants to add a new customer, I am starting with:


which clears all the DBEdit components.

I want to fill-in the default values for things like Terms, BillTo
number etc. which are set in the fields on the Customer. For
example, Terms field should default to 2.

How do I get these default values? I know which fields have default
values, I just don't know how to get them from the database.

I suppose I could write a procedure to insert a new blank record,
read the default values, rollback, then return the defaults, but I'm
not sure if there is a more elegant (or easier) way to do this.