Subject Re: Limits of IN operator with Delphi 7
Author GrumpyRain
> All that said by way of possible explanation, it's not very cool to
> huge sets of constants as arguments in IN() predicates. If you can
> another way to predicate this search, do so. With a Firebird IN(
> aValue from....) predicate, the underlying resolution is to an EXISTS()
> predicate and there isn't a limit on the number of arguments.
> ./heLen

Thanks for your input here Helen,

I will investigate the firebird specific components shortly, but we
would need to do extensive testing on the query components etc before
we plugged into them.

I am not comfortable with using the IN operator. What is a better way
of doing the same thing? Keep in mind I can not use a sub-query
because the information on which record is selected comes from user
input, not from other tables. If I have a list of records that I need
to query, what is the most efficient way of running that query? I
assumed the IN operator would have given the optimiser a big hint as
to the index to use, but I am happy to work the way firebird does.

Also, is your book currently in stock? Is the online link you have
posted before the best place to buy it in Aus?

Thanks again.