Subject Limits of IN operator with Delphi 7
Author GrumpyRain

I have a problem with a query using the 'IN' operator.

The query looks like this:

Select ID, Name, Contact
from Customer
where ID in (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,..... etc)

I am using the standard TIBQuery component in Delphi 7. I am modifying
the SQL property according to the user selection. When you send lots
of numbers, (about 160 values or so), you get an exception:

"EIBClientError: Unknown Error - Can't retrieve plan"

I understand this is probably a delphi bug because the query text runs
perfectly in both iSQL and IBConsole, but I thought I would ask on the
chance that someone may know if there are some limitations at play
with the Interbase Components. Has anyone else come across this and if
so, how did you get around the restriction.

Thanks for your time.