Subject Re: Firbird 1.5.x Speed Benchmark Windows vs Linux?
Author mcbootchek
--- In, "Chad Z. Hower"
<chad-jm@h...> wrote:
> :: (Classic) runs about 1.4 faster on Linux. We have got 64bit
> :: Fedora Linux and FB 64bit compilation. I have compared it
> :: with Windows 2003 server (64bit) on the same hardware (AMD
> :: Athlon 64bit).
> Wouldn't it be expected that a 64 bit compilation would run faster
than 32
> bit code on a 64 bit CPU? That's not really a good comparison of OS's,
> albeit we really don't have a 64 bit Windows.

Check M$ site and will find W2003 server 64bit version for AMD
platform there (free trial download). Probably FB devel. team will
release 64bit Firebird version for Windows and you will be able to
compare it with Linux.... Good luck and let me know :)