Subject RE: [firebird-support] Shadow files
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello All
> I wonder if shadow file would be a good option to have working copy of the
> database. I will have two linux server connected through 1G LAN.
> As my linux
> guru said - there is no problem to prepare some kind of cluster,
> so the shadow
> file would be phisically written to thed disk located in the
> second server. In
> case of main server failure we could easily switch to the second
> server having
> only a hlaf hour brake.
> Is it good idea? Maybe there is a better solution...
> Marcin

Shodaws were designed specifically for HD failure. 2 dard disks, 2 write
operations when the server is writing.
Shadows are not to be used as live databases.
If one HD fails, you will be up and running very quickly by renaming the
shadow file (maybe after a validity check or two).
Don't try to access a shadow file yourself while the server writing it is
still operational.
You can fool the shadow operation (I hear) so that this second disk is not
located on the same server (same system) as you are suggesting but be
carefull and be warned.