Subject Can Firebird "isql.exe" export to csv or xml?
Author rocksolidrobot
2 simple questions...

I wish to run a script command like:

C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin\isql.exe
-input C:\runthis.sql -output C:\output.txt

Where "output.txt" would be most useful to me
as xml or csv.

I have looked in The Firebird Book, +google etc,
but I can't see a switch for delimited output...

isql [<database>] [-e] [-t <terminator>] [-i <inputfile>]
[-o <outputfile>] [-x|-a] [-d <target db>] [-u <user>]
[-p <password>] [-page <pagelength>] [-n] [-m] [-q]
[-s <sql_dialect>] [-r <rolename>] [-c <num cache buffers>]
[-z] -nowarnings -noautocommit

Is there a simple way to get more useable tables of output?
maybe some instruction could go in the DDL/SQL commands (ie in
the "runthis.sql" input file mentioned above)

Along similar lines, is anyone aware of a good php/html
database explorer that can browse many types of database?