Subject Concatenating date + time to datetime in Dialect 1
Author Bob Murdoch
Using FB 1.5, I have a dialect 1 database with a table defined as

create table T1 (
del_date date,
time_window_start varchar(20),
time_window_end varchar(20),
arrival_time date);

insert into T1 ('10/15/2004', '08:00 AM', '10:00 AM', '10/15/2004
insert into T1 ('10/16/2004', '08:00 PM', '10:00 PM', '10/15/2004

I need a way to tell whether the arrival time is between the
time_window_start and time_window_end.

To do this, I was trying this comparison:

arrival_time between cast(del_date || ' ' || time_window_start as
date) and cast(del_date || ' ' || time_window_end as date)

However, FB is unable to recognize '08:00 AM' as a valid time format.

Are there any options for effecting this comparison?


Bob M..