Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: I need a tool...
Author Milan Babuskov
Szalai Kálmán wrote:
> Marathon - The SQL Tool for Firebird & InterBase, is a feature-rich,
> client or server-side based GUI development tool for all Firebird and
> InterBase database objects like Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures, etc...
> I really don't understand the efforts around Flamerobin.

Read our project goals at main page, and you will (don't just read them,
think about each one). The main problems are: Marathon requires Delphi
which is far from cheap, Marathon is Windows-only (so far). It may work
with Linux via Kylix but the usability is questionable. It does not work
on Mac, while FR does. It does not for on Solaris or FreeBSD. There are
plans for FR to work on these platforms too. Everyone in FR team is
doing it because we want to, noone is forcing or paying us for it.

> We should improve Marathon, which far better than FR this time.

Have you tried the CVS version of FlameRobin, or you're just basing your
opinion on 0.1.5 release? Besides, FR is meant to be lightweight. It
probably won't ever have features of DBWorkbench or IBExpert or similar
tools. We want the tool that loads in 1-2 seconds and lets you do the
thing you need. FR won't cook you a dinner or babysit your kids.

Anyway, nobody is stopping you from contributing to gmarathon. ;)

Milan Babuskov