Subject Re: I need a tool...
Author diwic2

For me, I find it simplest to embed a metadata update within a new
version of the program. So the first thing the program does when it
starts, is to check whether the database needs to be updated - if it
does, it executes some SQL stuff ("alter table add column" or
whatever), then it continues as usual.

// David

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<adrian_avila_mtz@y...> wrote:
> We sell systems powered by Firebird SQL,customers ask something new
> every month that means to add a new field or a new table, we make
> scripts to path the database but the hard part is to tell our
> customers have to apply the patches, normally we do it our selves
> connecting to the customer server remotly.
> But sometimes we can't connect and the customer needs to apply the
> I want to know if there is a tool to apply patches to FireBird
> Ain't something we cannot develop by our selves, but we are trying
> save time.
> Does any of you know where can I get a tool that applies patches
> automatic?
> Or if you have way to do it let me know.
> thx.