Subject Another licencing API question
Author stuartideagen
first of all thankyou very much for your help with my last question.
I can now check, show and add licences no problems to IB 7.1.
However, I still have one small problem. Any attempt to call
ISC_License_Remove results in an access violation in iblicense.dll.
I'm calling it from a Delphi application, and have defined it as

ISC_License_Remove: function (cert_key: PChar): Integer; stdcall;

calling it with either the certificate ID or key doesn't make any
difference, I still get an access violation. The other functions,
that I have defined in a similar manner (with an extra parameter as
specified in the API guide) all seem ok.
My question is, has anyone had any success with this function and/or
got any idea what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be most gratefully
Stuart Hunt,
Technical Leader,
IdeaGen Software Limited