Subject MSVCRT.DLL & Windows 98 problem
Author Ed Dressel
I am having a problem with a few W9x users when I install MSVCRT.DLL
to their system directory. Using Wise, I have the following script:

if System Has Windows 95/98 Running then
Install Files [MsvCrt.dll, MsvCp60.dll] to the %Sys% directory

On some OSes, the installation causes other software (e.g. Palm) not
to work, and they get the error:

The MSVCIRT.DLL file is linked to mission export MSVCRT.DLL:??

so it looks like I hosed their system and I'm a bad guy. But
Firebird Embedded works fine :-)--and without installing the files I
someimtes get in trouble.

2 Questions:

1) How do I fix this? Do they have to reinstall their whole OS just
to get those to files updated?
2) What should I be doing?

Ed Dressel