Subject RE: [firebird-support] arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
Author George P Boutwell
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> This really sucks. Can someone consider this as a VERY welcome feature
> change in the future? I have some large inserts, and it's a major PITA to
> sit down and start manually chekcing them all when it occurs...

It would be nice, that's for sure. Got to firebird's project page on SF and
look at the RFEs and add one of your own or add your comments to one that
exist for this specific thing if one does.

> Thanks. At least I know its FB now. We are using a framework of our own
> and I can build it in to the frameowrk to detect - but still this is a
> very welcome change for FB to add...

Frameworks having support for it already, is probably why it's not been
added yet. So many of the folks using IB/FB are using BDE or IBX or
whatever and they have field sizes and often field size checks, not to
mention that Data-aware controls in these environments usually enforce size.


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