Subject RE: [firebird-support] arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
Author Chad Z. Hower
:: > Im not sure if this is FB, or the .NET provider. When I do
:: an insert
:: > or an update, if any of the strings are too long this error occurs.
:: It's FB, been like that since IB 4 at least.

This really sucks. Can someone consider this as a VERY welcome feature
change in the future? I have some large inserts, and it's a major PITA to
sit down and start manually chekcing them all when it occurs...

:: Pretty much have to track down manually which is doing it.
:: At least that's what I've always done, I haven't figured out
:: a way to get it to tell me what field the problem is in.

Thanks. At least I know its FB now. We are using a framework of our own and
I can build it in to the frameowrk to detect - but still this is a very
welcome change for FB to add...