Subject Re: IB6, Firebird 1 and FreeBSD 5.3
Author Lou
Goto and follow download link to
release packages and select FreeBSD. Firebird 1 is essentially IB 6
OS with lots of bug fixes. I have been running production Linux and
Win32 servers for over a year.

I have not installed the FreeBSD version yet, but I am sure others
here can help you if you get stuck.


--- In, "wang960" <wang960@y...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to install an IB6 in a FreeBSD 5.3 server, so far can't find
> any information except that Firebird has a FreeBSD version, is FB1.0
> fully compatible with IB6? any instructions on how to install FB1 in a
> FreeBSD? thanks.
> Frank