Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to Network - Compiere + Firebird for low cost ERP/CRM
Author Peter Sanders
Hi Vipen

On Sat, 6 Nov 2004 20:05:27 -0600, Vipen Mahajan <vmahajan@...>

> There is a high quality ERP/CRM Open Source solution, Compiere, which
> has extensive Tier 1-2 type functionality, see for
> details, and understanding/learning and implementing
> it. Compiere presently uses Oracle, by 2005 Q1 it will be available
> database independant. Some people from a Firebird camp, have developed a
> wrapper around Firebird, called Fyracle, and have been able to port
> Compiere to Firebird (Fyracle). Unlike Fyracle has a small light
> footprint, eminently suited for 5-15 users. Compiere over Fyracle has
> some glitches, however I they can be sorted out, with some determined
> effort.. People are extending Compiere for a POS solution,
> manufacturing, CRM etc.
> So shortly you will have an Open Source solution which has ERP features
> like multi-currency, languages (over 15 and growing), multi user (from 5
> to several hundred), capable of multi-tenant ASP hosting solutions,
> configurable, and a toolset for rapid extension and customization.
> I am working on Compiere, and seek cooperation from the Firebird
> community.

Thank you for the info. I am investigating the url's etc now :D

I cannot help you too much at the moment with FB as I am VERY new to FB.
The changeover to FB I initially contemplated will be postponed for about
a month while I do some changes to the current Delphi code. Then I will
examine the conversion to FB.

Compiere *may* circumvent this need to convert. I will examine it and see.

Kind regards

Peter Sanders