Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re:firebird-support] average cost price
Author Peter Sanders
Hi Maya

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 13:23:16 +0200, Maya McLeod <maya@...>
> I've got 5 SP's so far - pretty experimental - I keep swapping their
> names around as well, as I discover that what I thought was FIFO, was
> actually LIFO, or moving avg, or something else.
> They basically go through stock transactions (receipts/issues) posted,
> and recalculate the costs from there.
> I'm happy to give them to you - should I paste into a message and post
> here, or email you an attachment that may be easier to read?

Email them as an attachment (unless others on this list want more details)

> They're probably not the best place to start learning about stored procs
> though. I could give you much simpler eg's rather. These ones are making
> me tear my hair out, and may not even be feasible for me to use...
> What kind of things were you planning on doing with SP's?

I don't know as yet. I am VERY new to FB. I have done most of my work in
Delphi and a database called Flashfiler (a record based C/S DB).

I have a lot to learn about FB and quite a few changes to make to my app
to convert it to FB. I did attempt a change and found out more and more
that needed to be adjusted/modified/converted. As I am changing the Delphi
code at the moment I have decided now to complete this and ensure it
performs as expected before converting to FB.

I would appreciate any sp's you think may be of use to me. I am willing to
read and learn from them. I anticipate they would help me understand the
capabilities of and use of sp's.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Peter Sanders