Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re:firebird-support] average cost price
Author Maya McLeod
Hi Peter,

>> (I've actually written a whole host of stored procs to do all sorts of
>> different valuation methods, the trick is just figuring out what the
>> accountants call them!)

>Are they "avaialable", can you share them with a FB beginner (me)?

I've got 5 SP's so far - pretty experimental - I keep swapping their names around as well, as I discover that what I thought was FIFO, was actually LIFO, or moving avg, or something else.

They basically go through stock transactions (receipts/issues) posted, and recalculate the costs from there.

I'm happy to give them to you - should I paste into a message and post here, or email you an attachment that may be easier to read?

They're probably not the best place to start learning about stored procs though. I could give you much simpler eg's rather. These ones are making me tear my hair out, and may not even be feasible for me to use...

What kind of things were you planning on doing with SP's?

Kind regards


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