Subject Unavailable Database from ODBC Driver Setup
Author christophermarkstrauss
we installed firebird 1.5 (4306) super server on a IBM system using
Firebird- and then installed the ODBC driver
we did not "Copy Firebird client library to <system> directory" and
we also did not "Generate client library as GDS32.dll for legacy app.
Support" during the firebird installation process
we then installed the ODBC driver and set up a connection on the
local machine.
When we tested the connection in the ODBC driver using the "Test
Connection" button we got the message "Unavailable Database"
we then ran a delphi program that sets up a userid and password to
test if firebird was functioning correctly and the program ran
we tried to connect to the database via ASP pages but could not
Then we copied FbClient.dll as GDS32.Dll and copied it to
we then tried to connect again using the ASP pages and this time the
ASP pages connected successfully
We then moved the GDS32.dll file out of the system32 directory and
tried the ASP pages again and to our amazement the ASP pages
continued to run
We have not been able to restart the system to see if we need to have
GDS32.dll in the System32 directory
Has anyone seen this and is there a way that we can run without
needing to load the GDS32.dll file