Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using blobs on firebird
Author Sales
Greetings Max,

> thank you very much for sharing your experience, very usefull indeed. But
I wonder how did you sort out the back-up issue ? Let's say that the files
come to about 7 Gb and you have a lot of directories with 25.000 files.
Perhaps a 10 Gb Tape drive would solve the problem but then you should back
up the database + files when you have no user activity...

All directories are under one master directory. My imaging add is setup to
handle multiple companies as well, so the structure would look something

F:\ComQuest\Data (Database in this directory)
F:\ComQuest\Data\1 (25000 files)
F:\ComQuest\Data\2 (25000 files)
F:\ComQuest\Data\3 (25000 files)
F:\ComQuest\Data\4 (12521 files)

Then when you back up, backup F:\ComQuest\Data\ with all subdirectories that
have changed.

Does that answer your question or did I mis-interpret your question?