Subject Re: DDL Statements question.
Author kartinku
Hi ,

I hope problem is due to "multi connection meta data update" constraint.

In firebird when there are multiple connection (more than one) to
same Database. Create foreign key will throw this error. Foreign key
can be created when there is single connection.
Firebird have this due to its design constraint. When there are more
than one connection notification between differrent process(In classic
server for each connection a sperate process will be spawn) is an
problem in classic server mode. so what they have this constraint. But
I don't get why they have this constarint even for super server.

I modified the code (commeneted out the exclusive connection check
in firebird source and rebuilt the firebird for my application).

For more information search for topic "Modified code - multi
connection Meta data update" firebird-support and in firebird architect.
And also search for : "metedata update in multiconnection - issue" in

Modified file is "dfw.epp" and it is uploaded at
"" search for
dfw.epp and download it. Mymodification can be found with in the tag
//<multi connection meta data handling - START> and //<multi
connection meta data handling - END>


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> Hi,
> I am having some problems with a DDL Statement which I have
generated suing
> Database Workbench 2.5.5 for FB 1.5. When I run the extracted DDL
> the only way I can get it to work, is by removing the FK constraints,
> otherwise I get an error stating the that the parent table is in
use. I have
> also tried placing the FK constraints into a separate DDL statement and
> running once I have run the main DDL statement, but I get the same
> I was hoping someone may have come across the same problem, or may
not the
> reason for this error.
> Thank you
> danieL
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