Subject Converting Base Date of DATE fields
Author Ken Galbraith
Hi Guys

In my legacy application which has a lot of DATE fields, I store dates as a
small integer where day 1 is January 1, 1980 and day 32767 (I don't handle
-ve dates & the legacy language only supports signed 16 bit integers)is
somewhere in the year 2069, which has never been a problem.

When I convert my flat file db into FB is their a way I can add this short
integer representation of a date, to a 32 bit integer representing December
31, 1979 then presumably I can cast this to a DATE field? And if so, does
anyone know what the integer equivalent of December 31, 1979 is or how it
can be calculated easily.

TIA & Regards

Ken A Galbraith
FB Newbie.