Subject Database Replication / Shadowing
Author Ryan Thomas
We are currently looking at co-locating one of our servers with our ISP,
our primary server will stay at our location - the problem we are
facing is one of data synchronization between the two.

Our main server runs FB1.5.1 and JayBird 1.5.3.

What we are looking for is some way of (in real time) replicating the
data to the secondary server located at the ISP.

My question is this: With FB and database shadowing, is the access to
the shadow database queued and run in the background or does the fb
server block until all of the read/writing is completed. This is an
issue as the ISP is over a 512k RF link and the database experiences
high load bursty traffic.

A google brought up products such as IBReplicator, we would like to have
the database mirrored in real time however - not scheduled for
replication every x hours.

Are there any other techniques / applications for mirroring/replication
of the database out there, especially if one of the db's is over a slow


Ryan Thomas
TransActive Systems