Subject Why don't you use MSSQL?
Author russellbelding
Yes this really is a Firebird support question, in a wider sense of
support, for those of us using Firebird in applications and trying to
sell to them.

A scenario I have faced in selling an application using Firebird is
this. A potential user's IT team sits in on a demonstration and
observes "We are aleady using MSSQL on our DB server, why don't you
convert your application to use MSSQL, then we won't have to put
Firebird on our server?"

I wonder if other app builders have faced this question and if so
would you find it helpful to share insights here?

My replies have been:

1. Yes I can do that and it would take me some time to convert the
application. ("I'll do it if you pay the cost" is what I refrained
from saying.)
2. Firebird is easy to install and will not bother you with any admin
tasks. It is efficient in memory use and fast. It installs as a
service and has an auto start companion fbguard. You can forget about
it after installation.
3. Firebird has a proven track record and you can see commendations
for Firebird at <forgot the site>

In the one instance experienced with this question the IT team
dropped their objection. FB has been no problem to them.

Any other's interested in discussing this? I am aware of the reasons
why one should accomodate MSSQL (market share) but that is not a
topic I want to discuss here.