Subject Just curious about record / table locking
Author Peter Sanders

I just replied to a question on another forum that made me wonder about FB
record locking.

The original question was in reference to incremental search on a Paradox
based dbgrid. Typing in a string can have an incremental search routine
work on the (already loaded from the local or server db) data. As ALL the
data has been transferred to the users pc this can be done.

What would happen if such a tranfer was done with FB?

Assuming the users pc has ALL of the records returned (select *) for use
in such an incremental search, what happens to other users of the same
data? Seeing FB supports MGA, does this mean that FB would transfer ALL of
the records and allow other users normal access to the database/table as
normal? I presume it would.

BTW this was something I would not normally do, however it does seem that
at least a single column of data on which the incremental search is based,
could be transferred for the search purpose. Triggers could then advise
the user's instance when the incremental search data needs to be refreshed.

Hmmm? I would like to know the answer to that one.

Kind regards

Peter Sanders