Subject Architecture learning .. help please
Author p_kenzie
Hi ,

I read some of the recent post on a query regarding "problem using
shut down script". This as raised me an instinct to learn about
server architecture of firebird which I am trying for the past one
month. My idea about "firebird super server" as an server. When
client request for connection it goes via server. It looks for the
DBFile and provides the connection via socket. "Database shutdown"
will remove the access to the particular DB for any client. Is this
means that firebird super server should run as a service in the
machine and database alone should be shut down or started depending
upon application requirement. And firebird server should not be shutdown.
If you have any link or document regarding below please do share
it with me ,
1. Architecture of firebird (SS).
2. How it (SS) should be used. As a service or as
aplication. It should be kept running as start up service/application.
3. Security design? particularly firebird Admin user and
DB user differences.

Peter Kenzie