Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connecting to Firebird on a Server
Author Aage Johansen
berniebialt wrote:
> This maybe a silly question, but this is my first Firebird install
> for commercial use and I am having trouble connecting to the Server
> database. I have attempted to connect to the database from both
> IBExpert and from my application, and in both cases I receive a
> localhost error indicating that either the host name or DNS server
> name must be specified. I have tried plugging in the IP address, the
> DNS, and anything else I can think of and am still not connecting.
> Any ideas ??????
> Thank you in advance....

Can you provide us with the version of Firebird, and the server type
(SuperServer or ClassicServer), and the OS of client and server?
Also, please post the exact text of the connect string that you tried (and
which failed).

Aage J.