Subject Firebird 100% CPU Usage After Backup
Author Graham King

After performing a backup of all the databases on our server (Firebird
1.51) (either with gbak or using Delphi's components) the firebird
process jumps to 100% CPU usage, and stays there.

We had this problem on the release version of Firebrid 1.5 also, but
not on Firebird v1.

Our server was running Windows 2000 Pro, we thought this may be the
problem so we rebuilt it on Windows 2003 Server. Same problem.

The server contains dual Xeon processors, hyperthreading means the OS
sees four processors. 2.5GB of RAM.

We have noticed that this problem ONLY occurs if there are non-local
connections to any of the databases during the backup, if there are no
connections, everything is fine.

Any suggestions as to how we could fix this problem?

Graham King