Subject Insert or append record
Author Planles

sorry if this not not the right place for this question...

Using IBX components I can use Append or Insert method of TIBDataSet
component to add a record to table.

If I don't use order by at select statement, using Append, each record
appended is at the end of records of one table. If I use Insert method,
newly inserted record could be somewhere in between records, when I execute
select statement.

Just for my knowledge, is there realy any difference in physical location of
new record, if it is Inserted or Appended ?

In which side stands sql INSERT statement? Could it be compared to Insert
method of DataSet ?

Which mechanism is used with Append and Insert record ? Is this internaly
made with sql language ?

Is out there any newsgroup for IBX components ?
I was looking in yahoogroups and just found the IBO one.