Subject look of manager out of room
Author olivier_lucaes
Hi !
I have moved recently the firebird 1.5.0 superserver version from a
win98 SE to a new linux server (superserver 1.5.1). It's a small
network (3 stations).
I got a message "look of manager out of room" and "deadlock" the
first day. After some investigations, it seems that this message
occurs when the firebird server runs out of memory for its locking
management (parameter LOCK_MEM_SIZE in firebird.conf not changes
from its default value). Is this the right direction ?
If yes, could it be due to some transactions not commited ? And if
i'm still right, how can i check if some transactions are not
commited ? With any tool or list i would be able to debugg my
application to find out where is the problem.
Thanks in advance for your support
Best regards