Subject Re: wrong message text with old client
Author tdtappe
> Firebird 1.5 isn't "InterBase with bug fixes". It's already a
> software product, by more than four years' worth of development.
It's two
> years' development different to Firebird 1 and is not even written
in the
> same language.
> Even if it seems compatible, you should make it a point to get ALL
of the
> components of a new software product.
> ./heLen

Hmm. I am not sure I got you right.
What makes you talk about InterBase?
When I mention the "old client" I talk about Firebird 1.0!

You're right, when I "upgrade" from InterBase to Firebird, I should
upgrade ALL components. And there WAS a time, when we used InterBase.
But in this case, it was just a server-side upgrade from Firebird 1.0
to Firebird 1.5
And I still say, there shouldn't be any confusing error messages,
when I forget to update the client with a new message file.

Or do you think, that there might be some old InterBase stuff on the
client? Might be. I never checked, but will now.